Ford Focus MK3 now fitted with the Laserline rear parking sensors, These professional fit sensors are raised from the vehicles bodywork by 1mm so they look extremely sleek once installed. by being colour coded to the vehicles bodywork they look like a factory fit item. When reverse gear is selected the sensors automatically become active meaning no input from the driver is required, once selected the sensors will give you a confirmation tone to let you know the sensors have become active. The sensors will detect objects up to 1.5 meters away giving more than enough warning of any objects which might be present in your reversing path.

Having professionally fitted sensors is much more cost effective than a bumper repair, due to paint repairs being very expensive and in many cases you have to drop the vehicle off for a couple of days while the repair is being carried out. Having sensors installed not only gives piece of mind but also gives you the best chance of keeping your vehicle in the best condition possible. We can fit parking sensors to the rear only or we can offer a complete front and rear parking sensor installation service.

We only fit high quality parking sensors from the likes of Laserline and Cobra, the main reason behind this is they will last for many years and give a complete hassle free service life. Many unknown / china made sensors are of poor quality and give poor performance and don’t last very long. As such we only offer high quality sensors which are backed by our 3 year garantee. We fit parking sensors in the East Lindsey area via our mobile installation service call us on 07340 341790.