Ford Focus 2006 / 2007 with the rare automatic transmission. Lots of communication codes within the vehicles ECU. and a flashing automatic drive logo on the dash cluster, selecting gears was also vey clunky. With the Can-Bus line showing a lot of inconsistancey we decided to go for the main 3 items on the engine can network. These were the Engine ECU, TCM ( Transmission ) and the ABS module.

When unplugging the TCM which is a pain to get to. We found the can-bus was a lot more consistant on the scope. We then went digging for the powers and grounds to this module. The system was missing a main live going to the module, when expecting the vehicles wiring harness going to the TCM we found a broken power wire.

Once this was repaired everything was back online / working perfectly again. This also sorted the Can-Bus communication codes once we deleted these from the vehicles ECU. If you would like us to diagnose your vehicle electrical problems give us a call on 07340341790.