Own a Ford Fiesta Zetec or ST in the local Lincolnshire area with factory security? If the answer is yes to the last question we would advise our Car Alarm and immobiliser upgrade which we have custom programmed and designed with your fiesta in mind. The system will work alongside your original vehicles remote control when you lock the doors the alarm will arm and when you unlock the alarm will disarm. But we have a nice twist to our alarm upgrade, the alarm needs to see a card which is attached to your vehicles keys. The reason why this card is so good is due to the vehicle being unable to start unless the Cobra alarm senses the ADR card is in range of the vehicle.

This means even if your vehicle is second hand and keys may have already been cloned this system will over come these previous issues. No matter how many keys you clone into your Ford Fiesta the vehicle will remain secure and won’t be stolen. The system protects the doors, boot and bonnet giving you complete piece of mind and security knowing your vehicle has a very advanced alarm installed.

Featuring a full battery back up siren meaning if the vehicles power is disconnected the alarm will still sound. With many extra features that can be added such as tilt sensors to protect your alloy wheels and glass break which listens for the sound of breaking glass. Our package will also immobilise the vehicles OBD port when the alarm is active meaning the ECU can’t be programmed with new keys. But during normal driving the OBD port remains active to allow diagnostic work and re mapping.

We provide a full mobile fitting service fitting car alarms lincolnshire. We offer fitting at your home or workplace in the local area.