Ford Fiesta Radio Draining Battery When Parked

This excellent condition Fiesta had a very bad battery drain, you would simply leave the vehicle locked for a day and when you return the battery would be flat ( so flat the vehicle wouldn’t even crank over ). We checked all the major components which could be causing a drain while the vehicle was parked. We also check the vehicles aftermarket parking sensors to make sure they was wired correctly. Back we noticed after further testing when removing the radio fuse the drain went instantly. We removed the radio to do some further testing and found it was 100% the radio and not something connected to it such as a Bluetooth module.

After finding the above we recommended a radio repair to get the system working and not draining the battery. However it turns out the customer was deaf and never used the radio. So as such leaving the radio disconnected was the fix on this vehicle. It saved the customer and it was no use to them at all.

We carried out this diagnostic in Sutton-On-Sea however we cover the whole local via our mobile service, you can call us today on 07340 341790 to find out more.