These Ford Fiesta 1L Ecoboost really go well with a straight forward Stage 1 tune. This small 1L engine goes from 125 BHP to 155 BHP this improvement is stunning on this small engined car. These 1L engines suffer as standard with the engines wet belt breaking up due to poor or incorrect oil changes. As such we make sure the customer is fully aware of the maintenance required to keep these vehicles in good condition. We do not recommend any additional add on’s / changes such as pop & bang for example due to the engine being weak in it’s standard form.

Its amazing how well these engines respond in terms of mid range torque with a stage 1. we are fully mobile in East Lindsey and can provide a tuning service at your home or workplace. You can view all possible gains on our website ( Remapping Power Gains ) or you are more than welcome to call us on 07340 341790.

This takes around 1 hour to complete and the results are the best performance for the small cost of a stage 1 tune.