Diagnositc on an original Ford alarm and finding out the source of the false alarms.

Most Fords come with an alarm of some form, this MK6 Ford Fiesta had the standard horn alarm. When you lock the vehicle with the remote control any form of opening the doors will trigger the stnadard horn alarm. This is all ok when the system is working correctly but as the vehicle gets older and components wear out they are no longer very reliable. This vehicle was driving the owner and the local people mad as such he needed it correctly diagnosed without guessing ( this leads to expensive repairs which won’t fix the issue ).

We done a full system scan and entered the GEM unit and found the last 3 alarm triggers were all caused by the drivers door latch. We tested live data on the drivers door and it was working on testing which means the door latch has an intermitant issue. We advised the customer on the correct way to repair this vehicle.

Parts required are the drivers door latch / motor complete, we also advised replacing the drivers door loom due to the age of the vehicle and the possibility of the wires breaking up within this harness where they leave the door and meet the pillar.

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