Fiat Motorhome With A Ground Issue

This motorhome wouldn’t even crank over and many electrical items wouldn’t even work, we carried out many tests and found all powers were present however no earths were present anywhere within the interior of the vehicle. We found the engine however had a good earth / ground. We followed our testing methods to find out why the vehicle had no internal earth / ground. When tracing this back we found there are 2 earths coming off the battery, 1 of these goes to the vehicles starter motor hence why we detected a ground at the engine.

The other main ground goes off to the vehicles bodywork, sadly this was the part causing the issue, as such the ground connector was so badly rusted there was little to no connection being made. As such we run a new earth / ground cable direct from the battery to the vehicles bodywork. once complete we had a solid ground on the inside of the vehicle. we comfirmed this by putting the test light clamp to a positve supply on the battery and the lamp end to an interior ground point.

With the vehicle now starting and all components working again we comfirmed our fix was sucessful. If you need a mobile diagnosis for your vehicle give us a call on 07340 341790 along with the vehicle reg.