Rear light was originally repaired locally by a recovery company. And as you can guess the repair they done didn’t last long! They also managed to damage the bumper in the process. we fully stripped the loom down and soldered all the connections & re-loomed the harness.

We come across these bodge job repairs far to often in the local area. This Fiat Ducato motorhome had a lighting issue where only 1 side light bulb was lighting up and the bulb warning fail symbol was lit on the dash. The rear LH side tail light had a previous repair which was carried out in a very poor manor. A local recovery company carried out a non water proof crimp repair to this rear lighting plug, as you can guess the repair didn’t last long. We fully stripped the loom down and cleaned all the copper wire, re-soldered the wires back together and fully loomed the wiring up to the lighting plug.

Once repaired the all the side lights would now become active for a few seconds then turn off. As usual there was more to this job than we first thought. The marker lights had been replaced shortly before another issue appeared. The marker lights replaced LED marker lights at the top of the vehicle (installed originally by the motorhome builder). These new marker lights were the normal 5W bulb type, this was enough to put the lighting circuit under excessive load as such it would keep shutting down the side light circuit. Once we removed the connectors the side lights would work as normal.

This vehicle is now repaired / side lighting is fully working, however the customer needs to source the original LED marker lights the motorhome builder fitted and replace them. However this isn’t required by law due to the vehicle being 2.1 meters in length ( confirmed by the customer ) meaning it will not be required for the MOT. Meaning it’s completely optional if the customer wishes to replace them at a later date.

This wiring repair was completed by DB Vehicle Electrics in Mablethorpe Call 07340 341790 to book your vehicle in.