Fiat Ducato we was called out to which had no power to the engine bay fuse box.

This Fiat Ducato Motorhome was completely dead, we had no infomation on this vehicle from the owner due to him not being avaliable, as such we started on the basics and worked from there. With regards to the vehicle being dead we first checked battery voltage then carried on testing, the engine bay fuse box which also powers the interior fuse box had no 12volt power going to it. We first cofirmed the battery had power which it did, then checked power at both the starter and alternator which both did have a live 12volt present. We then checked the route of the engine bay fuse box input wire and traced this from the passanger side engine bay fuse box up and over the scuttle panel back to a cable input which was tucked behind the battery harness.

We reconnected this cable to the original 185Amp maxi fuse and then 12volts reappeared on the engine bay fuse box input and interior fuse box. The vehicle come back to life / fully started with all the electrics working as expected. Battery charging was also checked and this remained at a healthy 14.6 volts when running.

This fault could have happend in 1 of 2 ways. The customer tried replacing / charging the battery but disconnected parts which should have not been disconnected or someone has carried out engine work and not reliased they have not reconnected everything correctly. We can diagnose your electrical issues via our Auto Electrics services.