Fiat Ducato Rear Door Broken Into

Fiat Ducato and Peugeot Boxer’s are a major target for this type of attack. A thief will put a flat head screw driver slightly to the left of the door lock barrel and puncher the metal and plastic it is then hit with a hammer and the screw driver knocks the door barrel release inside. Once this is done they will open the door and steal your tools from your vehicle. Most of the Ducato and Boxer’s come with no factory alarms. They only come with a remote that flashes the indicators, there is no horn or siren or any form of security module.

We can supply and fit a complete Thatcham approved Van Lock upgrade which consists of a deadlock for the passenger sliding door and the rear barn doors. This fights against this form of attack and if you wish to make your vehicle extremely secure you could add one of our Thatcham alarm upgrades for complete piece of mind.