Thatcham Cat 1 On A Classic Evo 2002

With the Mitsubishis getting older now they are getting to the stage of alarms and immobilisers getting old and failing. Many insurance companies won’t even touch these vehicles unless you have an approved Thatcham Cat 1 alarm & immobiliser installed. This vehicle had a Toad AI06 installed and was starting to have issues with disarming. As such the customer wanted the system removed and a reliable replacement installing, we suggested the Cobra Cat 1 alarm & immobiliser this system will keep your vehicle protected for many years and offer excellent reliabilty throughout.

The Cobra Cat 1 links into the original vehicles central door locking, which many fitters seem to struggle with understanding how this locking system circuit works. We also installed the microwave sensor meaning no sensors are on display within the vehicles interior giving a very neat / sleek appearance. The Cobra system also comes with 2 remote controls and a emergancy pin override code.

The override code can be used to turn off the alarm & Immobiliser in the event of the remote battery going flat or if you loose both remotes you can program replacement ones in without issue. The Cobra Cat 1 uses very strong immobilisation by having a small epoxy sealed immobiliser unit mounted away from the main alarm control unit, the wiring is also completely black to make bypassing very difficult. We fit Thatcham approved alarms in the local Lincolnshire area and you can call us on 07340 341790.