Removing the troublesome EGR valve from a car or van is a common service we offer. Due to the nature of these valves being put in a very dirty enviroment recycling exhaust gasses they are prone to going faulty. Signs of this can be reduced power, warning lights on the dashboard, running issues and in some extreme cases a complete no start. As such many customers choose to have the EGR software removed from the vehicles ECU when the vehicle is being remapped.

Many customers experience better fuel efficiency and more importantly increased throttle response. The engine will run much cleaner with the EGR removed due to the exhaust gas not being recycled back into the vehicles intake. EGR removal has many benefits and as such this is why it’s a common service to have a stage 1 and EGR delete. If the EGR needs blanking due to the valve going faulty in the open position you MUST tell us so we can advise if a blanking plate can be fitted. Due to the way we carry out our EGR deletes they are not detectable during the MOT test.

Customers are now becoming wise to the possible problems of the EGR system, and many are becoming tired of the expensive repair bills and reliability issues they cause. Therefore, we offer a full EGR bypass / removal service which results in better efficiency and less maintenance costs. Our EGR removal service offers the following:

More Power
Better Fuel Efficiency
Improved Throttle Response
Less Flat Spots
Cleaner Intake System and Engine
Reduced Maintenance Costs
Prolonged Engine and Turbo Life

Is EGR Removal legal? All our EGR, DPF and Adblue removal services are designed for off road use only. We carry out these modifications in the most discrete way possible meaning signs of tampering won’t be visible. We also won’t disclose to anyone you have had emission devices removed from your vehicle giving you total piece of mind when using us.

We offer Car & Van EGR Removal services in all local Lincolnshire areas such as East Lindsey & North East Lincolnshire. Mablethorpe, Alford, Splisby, Skegness, Louth, Horncastle, Grimsby, Wragby, Market Rasen, Cleethorpes.

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