Is an ECU remap better than a tuning box?

It is a common question and with increasing your cars power being a mine field, it makes sense to understand exactly what each product / service does for your vehicle. We explain the benefits of each device and if your looking to find out whats best for your vehicle? We would recommend one of our professional ECU remaps from Avon Tuning.

Professional ECU remap – This is by far the safest way to increase the power of your car or van due to it being calculated in terms of whats safe for your vehicle. For example… A Diesel or a new 2019 petrol vehicle with filters built within the exhaust, to much fuel / a rich mixture would cause the filter to block very quickly. A remap makes sure all fueling and boost stays within a safe area / level, it also doesn’t push the engine to hard. Nothing to go faultly is another bonus with ECU remapping, due to it being a digital file downloaded to the ECU there is nothing that can fail. You will always get better gains in terms of BHP and Torque with a professional remap.

Tuning Box – Tuning boxes have been around for many years. Some owners love them and others hate them! Tuning boxes normally connect into the common rail fuel pressure sensor and they will change the signals being sent to the vehicles ECU. They have the ability for the customer to tweek the power increase however this normally ends badly. With a DPF vehicle you can’t see the vehicle smoking if its over fueling, as such a owner can increase the power of the tuning box and create a DPF blocking problem. They can also cause engine lights to come on when your pushing the car hard. Another problem with tuning boxes is the companies making bold statements about the power increase you can gain from a tuning box. You only have to look at rolling road reports from tuning box owners and many are less than impressed.

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