We can now offer ECU Cloning for many vehicle ECU’s this will be ideal for customers with a faultly engine control unit (ECU) and they simply don’t want to spend £1000’s on a new unit. Providing the current ECU is responding to power & communication, we can download this data and transfer it onto another working ECU. The main advantage of this service is you won’t need to visit a main dealer for them to carry out any re-flashing or programming. All the data from your faultly ECU would be cloned and as such will be plug & play.

We can provide this service due to being authorised Avon Tuning dealers and with extra equipment we can provide a service many other auto electricians in the Lincolnshire area simply can’t match. We can also remove original immobilisers on many original VAG ecu’s this is ideal if you have a key issue or you want to carry out an engine swap with a different engine management unit.

Many garages simply say you will need to get a re-conditioned ECU in the event of your old one failing. Sadly they will still need your old ECU sent to them to try and clone it ( if they will ). We have the ability to clone the ECU quickly and re-flash the replacement ECU meaning less downtime of your vehicle.

We offer Car & Van ECU Cloning services in all local Lincolnshire areas such as East Lindsey & North East Lincolnshire. Mablethorpe, Alford, Splisby, Skegness, Louth, Horncastle, Grimsby, Wragby, Market Rasen, Cleethorpes.

You can call us on 07340 341790 Mon-Fri 9AM – 5PM.