Difference Between Basic And Thatcham Car Alarms

It comes up very often what is the Difference Between Basic And Thatcham Alarms? The answer is not a great deal. The quality of the componets inside the units are exactly the same and there is no issue with buying a basic alarm by a well known manufature. Good brands are Cobra, Laserline, Clifford and Viper.

What extra’s do you get with a Thatcham system over standard basic alarms. Thatcham Cat 1 alarms have to have a battery back up powered siren which means if the wiring is cut or the siren is removed when the alarm is active the siren will instantly trigger meaning a thief can’t turn the alarm off. The only other advantage is the immobiliser which kills 2 wiring circuits within your vehicles wiring loom. This means in the event of a thief trying to steal the vehicle they simply can’t hot wire it or break the ignition switch to try and get the vehicle running.

All the wiring is also black on Thatcham Cat 1 systems to make it as hard as possible to try and work out which wire has been cut to attempt bypassing the system. If fitted correctly this is a very hard task, DB Vehicle Electrics finds this a challange in some cases where an old alarm needs removing and can take a good while to remove the system.

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