Dacia Duster fitted with the OE approved alarm upgrade from Meta. This system works flawlessly with this vehicle giving complete piece of mind. The system works on the original Can-Bus system meaning it reads all the doors, boot and bonnet zones from the vehicles Can-bus system. The system will arm and disarm only through the original vehicles remote control meaning locking the doors will arm the alarm and unlocking the doors will disarm the alarm.

This alarm offers a 118db battery back up siren meaning if it’s disconnected or attacked during an armed state the alarms siren will keep sounding @ 118db. The system also gives nice chirps on arm and disarm to let you know the system has been either armed or disarmed, ( 2 chirps is armed / 1 chirp is disarmed ).

We offer a complete alarm installation service in the local Lincolnshire area at your home or workplace meaning you don’t have to visit our location or wait around until the vehicle is done. We are the largest Meta dealer in Lincolnshire and offer a full 3 year warranty for complete piece of mind. Call us on 07340 341790.