Cobra Vehicle Security are the largest security manufacture in the world with there leading quality and long term reliability it is hard to find a better product. The G193 modular series is a non Thatcham approved alarm but still gives the vehicle all round great protection. With very nice ultrasonic interior sensors and sleek tear drop key fobs you can be assured this product won’t look out of place in your vehicle. The system protects doors, boot and bonnet along with the vehicles interior cabin giving all round security. There is a small compact siren which is mounted in the engine bay which has no battery backup but the unit has all black wiring to the siren making it hard to trace.

The G193 can control the central door locking providing you have it already fitted plus a main master motor in the drivers door. In emergency cases where you have lost or damaged the Cobra key fob the system comes with a very easy to use pin override system which is a four digit number which is unique to your system only. With this system coming with a full 3 year warranty you can be assured of the quality and workmanship which is carried out to install the alarm to a very high standard.