Cobra ADR

Cobra ADR alarms and immobilisers are the complete package to fight against key cloning. DB Vehicle Electrics offers complete custom packages with ADR systems such as starter immobilisation and OBD port immobilisation. This puts a full stop to the methods used by theif’s such as key cloning commonly used to steal Ford, VW, Audi, BMW and Range Rover vehicles. And it isn’t just keyless entry vehicles which are a target. With advanced key programming tools and lock smith tools which are used to pick car door locks your vehicle can be stolen in less than 50 seconds from gaining entry to driving away in your pride and joy.

We put a complete end to this worry by fitting our custom Cobra ADR package which is made and designed with your vehicles software in mind meaning you lock the vehicle and unlock as normal but our system has a small card which is attached to your vehicles keys. When unlocking your vehicle the alarm and immobiliser system is looking for the Cobra ADR card on your vehicles keys. If no card is found the alarm system won’t fully disarm or the vehicle won’t start. This means no matter how many keys are programmed / cloned they won’t be able to steal your vehicle.

The ADR term means automatic driver recognition. It is a very secure encrypted signal unlike normal car remote controls which work on the 433 frequency. No one to date has managed to clone the signal of ADR making it one of the most secure systems in the world. We recommend this system for those customers who want the best and won’t settle for anything less. We supply and fit the Cobra ADR Alarm in Lincolnshire and all local areas.