Cobra 8510 review

The most reliable and solid immobiliser product ever made in the world. This system hasn’t changed in years and the main reason behind this is ( If it aint broke don’t fix it ). With the main immobiliser ECU being sealed inside a solid metal case you can be assured you have a very secure Thatcham Cat 2 immobiliser, unlike other cheaper systems on the market were you can simply bypass them in seconds you can’t use this method on the Cobra 8510. The main wiring from the 8510 is all black meaning a thief wouldn’t know which wires to bypass or connect due to tags on the end of each cable, these are cut off during installation and this is a really good method to make sure your immobiliser system is secure.

The touch keys are really sleek and with no internal batteries you simply don’t have to worry about a touch key going flat or failing. These simply last for years if they are looked after. To disarm the system you simply enter the vehicle and place the touch key on the LED, this in turn deactivates the Cobra immobiliser. The system is self arming when the ignition is turned off meaning you can never forget to re arm the system.

With an excellent 3 year warranty, we can supply and fit the Car Immobiliser in Linconshire at your home or workplace.