Cobra 4615 Review

The Cobra 4615 is the most universal Car alarm platform ever made in the world. Industry leading technology and performance which is factory fitted to most VW’s, Citroen’s and Ford vehicles as a main dealer upgrade. The system arms and disarms via the original vehicles remote control. The 4615 needs to be fitted by a true car alarm professional to get the best results and performance out of the Cobra 4615. Due to the massive range of features and settings an engineer without programming knowledge would mean a sub standard installation. DB Vehicle Electrics know this system inside out and can perform many types of custom installation types unlike other Cobra dealers. The system is a full Thatcham cat 1 if installed to a vehicle after 1996. The system is really great due to the flexibility it offers an engineer and due to the way it can be set up if a sensor or feed is not picked up on the vehicles data line it can be manually wired.

The system features self adjusting ultrasonic sensors meaning false alarms are a thing of the past and the alarm resets the sensors every time the alarm is armed meaning the perfect sensitivity is set each time. With a fully waterproof and battery back up siren you can rest assured you will hear this alarm when its sounding. With the ability to add additional sensors like tilt and glass break you can add to enhance the security even further.

The ultrasonics are a light white colour, which will match most interior head linings perfectly and the small LED features an emergency pin override in case your original car remote control stops working. We can supply and fit the Cobra 4615 car alarm across Linconshire by our mobile installation service.