The Cobra 4138 has been around for many years now and it’s industry proven along with the most secure immobiliser system ever seen within the vehicle electronics industry. The immobiliser module is epoxy sealed once the components are fitted within the strong ABS plastic shell. With all black wires only the alarm engineer knows what wires are which and how to connect them within the most secure way possible, with the immobiliser system being digitally paired with the alarm you simply can’t bypass it making it more secure than other well known major brands on the market. The alarm part of the system is very sleek in terms of how it works and how the parts fit into the vehicle with no major change to the vehicles interior.

The alarm comes with white or black colour matching ultrasonics to match your interior perfectly and the Cobra system features a small LED with an emergency override button in case you need to disarm the alarm without the remote fob. The siren is very loud at 118DB @ 1 meter you will hear your alarm sounding with no issues. With all the alarm range you can add on extra’s such as Glass Break. Tilt/motion,Window Closure. With this alarm being fully Thatcham approved it’s a fantastic choice for a perfect and reliable cat 1. We offer a full 3 year warranty on this system to give you complete piece of mind.