Clifford BlackJax5

Clifford Blackjax has been proven to be the most advanced anti hi jack system over the years and winning awards throughout. The system is very straight forward in terms of user input. You simply get into the vehicle and use the override buttons to enter the pin code, once entered you simply get in and drive away as normal. The device really comes into play when you are being hi jacked, you simply leave the vehicle without putting up a fight and the thieve will drive the vehicle away and after a few seconds the alarm will start bleeping warning you to enter your pin number if no code is entered the vehicle will come to a complete stop.

Once it stops the alarm siren will trigger and continue to sound the thieve by that time would have given up and run off. You can simply return to your vehicle and enter the code and drive away. This device is very effective due to no one getting hurt and no damage is normally done to you or the vehicle. The only downside to this product is it can’t be fitted to many new vehicles on the road today due to advanced can-bus platforms. If you have a new vehicle we would suggest the Cobra ADR with anti hi-jack.

We fit the Clifford Blackjax in Lincolnshire and all local areas via our mobile fitting service.