Clifford 650 MK2 Thatcham Cat 1 Review

The Clifford 650 MK2 is a land mark for vehicle security. Looking around the internet you will hear stories with regards to them being unreliable or false alarming, the old G4 series wasn’t the most reliable but the G5 range from Clifford is outstanding in quality and performance. When fitted correctly for the suggested retail price of £439.99 you can be assured you will have an installation that will last for years and remain reliable. The Clifford 650 MK2 comes with a dual zone proximity sensor as standard, this is a dual bubble device which is hidden within the vehicles interior. This makes an invisible zone inside and outside the vehicle giving you total security when a movement is detected by the outside of your car the alarm will chirp giving a pre warning the vehicle is alarmed and protected.

If the interior is entered the alarm will sound a loud 120db siren instantly. The alarm has many options which can trigger devices you want linked up. For example you could turn on your car radio or activate a turbo timer. With the Clifford 650 MK2 anything is possible and Clifford have just released a Smartstart add on which allows you to remote start your vehicle from your iPhone. Winning a large amount of awards you can be assured you are getting the highest bit of quality kit available in the car aftermarket world. We fit a full range of Clifford alarms which can be viewed here Clifford Alarms Lincolnshire