Many of these older Citroen & Peugeot vehicles have some form of Additive / Eolys fault which is caused by a low Eolys fluid. Which in many cases requires expensive replacement of the fluid ( normally @ 60-80K miles ) or there is an underlying fault with the additive system. Due to the age of these vehicles main dealers either have the parts on back order or they are simply unavaliable. As such we have a solution which is cost effective and you will never have to worry about the DPF, additive / eolys or EGR again.

We carry out a stage 1 remap along with software to delete the EGR, DPF and additive system, this allows the vehicle to run without an emmision systems in place giving alot less hassle in the future. Please be aware this is designed for off road use however when the modification is carried out there are no visable signs this has been removed. Providing the engine is within good health you will not have to worry about smoke when the DPF is removed.

Many customers ask why we need to remove the DPF when carrying out an additive / eolys delete, this is due to this additve fluid being a major player in helping the DPF carry out regular regens and without it the DPF may become blocked. As such we always suggest getting the DPF removed, we use a local company in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire to carry out the physical gutting of the DPF known as Steves Autos, once the DPF has been removed the welds are hidden meaning it can’t be detected the DPF has been tampered with during MOT.

Contact us via phone 07340 341790 or email to discuss your vehicle requirements and our solutions we can offer. Please be aware we only offer this service in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire ( NOT nationwide )