Chrysler 300C this vehicle had multiple issues which we had to diagnose before tuning. The DPF was blocked solid due to a POOR QUALITY remap which had been installed before the customer had purchased the vehicle ( the owner was unaware it was modified this is a common problem in the 2nd hand car world).

We read the file from the ECU and confirmed the only part that was modified within the ECU was the boost pressure, as such this is why the DPF was repeatedly getting blocked due to the Air / fuel being incorrect. This is sadly what a poor / cheap remap gives you! constant problems and as such this is exactly why we remove many poor quality tunes. The turbo was also boosting poorly and wasn’t meeting the requested boost pressure as such a replacement was fitted.

With our Stage 1 calibration the change was a night and day difference! with an additional 54 BHP & 90NM of torque the owner was blown away by the responsiveness and performance throughout the rev range. Our EGR & DPF solution won’t cause the owner any problems with emmision equipment blocking up in the future giving complete piece of mind.

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