Cheap China Made radio and sat nav

Cheap multimedia units from China are the best money can buy. You can get a fully loaded Radio, CD, DVD, Sat-Nav, Bluetooth and USB unit for between £150-250, some customers state they want a unit with these features but they have never heard of the name / brand they are sold under. We always advise thinking about the system you are buying due to a decent Kenwood or Pioneer unit costing around £700 there is a major difference in price. Some customers say its just because it is a brand name product, this is simply not the case when it comes to high quality car audio.

Pioneer and Kenwood for example have second to none back up and support in the event of a software glitch or issue during ownership. They invest a very large amount of money in Sat-Nav mapping and Bluetooth compatibility. and the components inside the unit are built to last and made to a high quality standard. China made units are made on a shoe string budget and really don’t perform well after a few months of use.

A common trick these China manufactures use is the create a brand and get it known on the car forums and auction sites and just after 12 months they close the doors and re open with a different brand. This is why they only offer a short warranty period, by the time there customers have found out the unit is unresponsive or not working correctly they have no support at all. I would always recommend using a brand name product such as Kenwood, Pioneer, Alpine or JVC. We offer Car Audio Fitting in all local Lincolnshire areas.