What we started with, a customer attempted to removed the alarm and immobiliser that was fitted.

We went out to a Caterham 7 which was suffering a engine crank, no start. The engine would turn over as normal but simply wouldn’t come to life. The customer had done alot of research online trying to find the reason why the engine wouldn’t start. And as such he swapped relays, cut certain parts of the wiring loom and tried many internet known fixes. Sadly he didn’t fix the issue and turned to us for a correct diagnostic. We carried out many checks and found the fuel pump motor had failed within the fuel tank. All wiring was confirmed as good / OK.

We also carried out many checks on the ignition, cam and crank sensor along with the injectors to make sure any attempted fixes by the customer didn’t create any further problems in the future. We fully repaired the ignition wiring harness which means any alarm wiring was cut out / removed from the vehicle.

We are fully mobile in the local area and as such we visited this vehicle on site due to it being a crank, no start. If you would like accurate diagnostics why not give us a call on 07340 341790. Unlike other companys in the area we simply don’t plug a diagnostic machine in and say the fault code says this it must be that part. We fully test the wiring going to the component to make sure it isn’t a wiring issue.