Car Tracker window Stickers

Think its a good idea to buy Car Tracker window stickers? DB Vehicle Electrics doesn’t agree. This is due to the fact a vehicle can be completely written off in terms of damage that could be caused from a car thief searching for a car tracker. The idea behind a stolen vehicle recovery tracker is the vehicle gets stolen, once the vehicle is taken the owner phones the call center and the tracking company work alongside the police in order to get the vehicle recovered.

All this is done without causing or giving any clue to the car theif the vehicle is being tracked. Meaning the chances of the vehicle being recovered very quickly without any form of damage. The average recovery time for a vehicle fitted with a stolen vehicle recovery tracker is between 11-21 mins. This is very fast and why chance the risk of a theif ripping your car to bits in order to try and find your tracking device.

All stolen vehicle tracking systems are hidden in such a way it is very difficault to find them due to the very small size of the unit and all the wiring is black making it very hard to find in a vehicles loom. We supply and fit Car Trackers in the local Lincolnshire area, via our fully approved mobile installation service.