Just released onto the market and a worry to many. This device can be used to grab your original car remote controls code when you press lock or unlock. The main worry is you won’t even know your car key has been cloned. when a thief presses the clone button while your locking your vehicle the grabber will store that unique code. Once you walk away the thief can simply walk upto your car or van and press unlock and gain entry into your vehicle.

This is a high end device which thieves are now using up and dow the UK to gain access into your vehicle without trace. If they are keen on stealing your vehicle they could simply bring along a OBD remote key programmer and bypass your original vehicles immobiliser system in less than 30 seconds.

We would recommend adding a stolen vehicle recovery tracker if you have a high end prestige vehicle. If you have a normal car or van DB Vehicle Electrics would recommend adding a Cobra alarm with ACE anti cloning technolgy. This would be the best route to keep your vehicle secure. Give us a call on 07340 341790 to discuss your requirements.