Looking for a custom remap created by one of the best and most respected tuners in the UK? We have teamed up with Avon Tuning to offer you a turn key service to remap your vehicle. We offer a fully mobile remapping service in the local Lincolnshire area releasing more power and performance along with fuel economy* from your pride and joy. Avon Tuning offer the best maps in the industry, so we decided to do it right first time and join up with Avon to provide you the best remapping experience possible. All our remaps are within safe limits of your engine and what the turbo can handle meaning we never put anything in danger of becoming damaged with our tuning service. Average remapping gains are between 30-60 BHP which is a big increase and we garantee you will feel the difference.

Being teamed up with the best means we can offer a very large selection of engine remaps one of our most popular services is the Eco Remap offering fuel savings and slight performance incrase. We also offer the most common stage 1 tune to more advanced stage 2,3 maps. We can offer additional map changes which allow deletion of the DPF and EGR meaning you can get the ultimate reliability from your Diesel. We offer a lifetime warranty on the files against malfuntion for complete piece of mind and for additional safety your original non tuned engine map is saved by us and Avon Tuning in the event the car or van needs to be put back to standard.

All vehicles are health checked for fault codes before any remapping is carried out. We also check live data from the vehicles ECU before starting any work to make sure everything looks in order. Providing everything is OK we will download the current ECU files and re-upload the new file which is provided by Avon Tuning all these files are custom. Your original file is saved incase it’s required in the future or you wish to take the vehicle back to its standard tune ( ideal if the car is leased or on PCP ).

Key factors on remapping your vehicle…

• Torque Gains

• BHP Gains

• Responsive Drive

• Confidence For Over Taking

• Fuel Savings

We can also offer AdBlue delete on certain vans meaning you will no longer need to top up the Adblue and can simply drive the vehicle as normal. our aim is to provide a remapping service you will be happy with an become a repeat customer with your future vehicles. Avon Tuning have a simple strap line… If your not happy will will work on the map until you are! How long does remapping take? normally between 1-2 hours depending on the vehicle. We will require a 240v home power supply for our battery stabiliser while we are remapping your vehicle. Remember the key factors of remapping your vehicle… BHP, Torque, Fuel econemy*

We can also offer speed limiter removal of ex fleet vehicles meaning you can have the simply have the limiter removed or we can pair the removal with a Eco or Stage 1 remap for the best experience. We offer many services many other remapping companies don’t even come close to offering.

Our service is also very common with motorhome owners due to the weight they pull when the motorhome is fully loaded as such remapping helps when driving up hills and for over taking on country roads which wouldn’t be possible without the additional torque & BHP. The fuel savings for Diesel vehicles also makes remapping worth while alone.

All the maps made by Avon Tuning are dyno tested to perfection and they maintain ultimate reliablilty. The difference between us and a cheap tuner with a laptop? We teamed up with industry professionals to offer you an excellent remap, you will often find engine remappers on ebay, facebook and many more offering a remap dirt cheap, they are cheap for a reason! they haven’t been dyno tested or tested to see if they put the engine in danger. Some cheap remapping companies will simply increase fueling and boost levels without even having / seeing the car. This is a route you should NEVER take due to the damage it can cause to the engine or related components. When using ourselves we can garantee you will have a map thats safe, tested and more importantly comes with a garantee! All of our customers have been impressed with the performance increases we can offer.

Warranty infomation and information on our remaps

Will a remap cause engine damage? All our remaps provided by Avon Tuning LTD are completely SAFE, these remaps simply unlock hidden power within your vehicle due to strict emissions regulations, vehicles can’t be tuned from the factory ( even super cars can benefit from a stage 1 remap ). A stage 1 remap normally allows a power increase of 30-60 BHP as such this won’t be any problem for a healthy engine.

Do you offer any Engine or Transmission Warranty? Please be aware our warranty only covers the ECU map / file directly against malfuntion or if it becomes corrupt and we hold NO responsibility for any engine components such as pistons / turbos, engine blocks and many more other related components, fuel components, gear boxes or clutches due to these parts being out of our control ( we don’t know if the vehicle has been looked after or abused during it’s lifetime as such we can never offer a warranty on components ). All remaps are carried out within safe engine tolerances as such if a component did fail after a remap has taken place we can’t he held liable. We haven’t come across a single issue as yet, but as with any remap there will be terms and conditions which cover the tuner. If your engine is within poor health or has running issues a remap will NOT fix these issues. Remapping should only be carried out on a healthy engine which has had regular servicing.

Do you Garantee Fuel Savings? Fuel economy gains are never garanteed on Stage 1, 2 or 3 remaps due to everyone having a unique driving style. If your main reason for getting a remap is to save fuel we would advise one of our Eco Remaps. This will give you the best possible chance of a MPG gain of 1-3 additional miles per gallon.

Will a remap cause reliability issues? No, a Eco Remap or stage 1 or 2 / 3 remap will not cause any reliability issues ‘’ providing the vehicle is looked after’’. This means letting the vehicle warm up before driving it hard, and regular 12 month servicing.

Is Emission Device Removal legal? All our EGR, DPF and Adblue removal services are designed for off road use only. We carry out these modifications in the most discrete way possible meaning signs of tampering won’t be visible. We also won’t disclose to anyone you have had emission devices removed from your vehicle giving you total piece of mind when using us.

Do we keep the original file / map? Yes, everytime we remap a vehicle we keep your original ECU file, this means if your car is on PCP and it has to be put back to standard before you return the car we can do this for a small fee.

We offer Car & Van Remapping services in all local Lincolnshire areas such as East Lindsey & North East Lincolnshire. Mablethorpe, Alford, Splisby, Skegness, Louth, Horncastle, Grimsby, Wragby, Market Rasen, Cleethorpes.

You can call us on 07340 341790 Mon-Fri 9AM – 5PM.