Car Immobiliser Removal Lincolnshire

If you have an immobiliser fitted to your vehicle after the vehicle left the factory after many years of use they can cause a lot of trouble. This ranges from the override touch sensor not correctly detecting the tag or you may have lost the tags which touch the override sensor. In most cases its best to completely remove the immobiliser system, reason being if you have lost both the original tags which turn the immobiliser off there is no way to reprogram another touch key into the system.

These systems are normally Thatcham Cat 2 approved which means all the wiring will be black behind the vehicles dashboard. We would advise not attempting to remove the old immobiliser system yourself due to the possibility you can make the removal job a lot worse. When your removing a Thatcham immobiliser everything needs to be double checked in terms of what your disconnecting and reconnecting. When we repair the car harness we use fresh wiring and solder this in to make a strong connection that won’t fail.

We can completely remove the system for you or remove and replace with a new Thatcham cat 2 immobiliser, we offer immobiliser systems from Cobra, Laserline and Scorpion.

We offer a complete mobile service coming out to you in the local Lincolnshire area via our mobile service at your home or workplace.