When it comes to anything cars or vans we want to point our customers in the right direction. A common question we get asked… Do you know anyone that offers car dent removal? And the answer is yes! We would recommend a local company Dents Out LTD based in Grimsby. The company is run by Gary on a mobile basis and covers most of the lincolnshire area. Gary has over 20 years experience in car and van dent removal and having him work on my own vehicles always getting excellent results I can highly recommend him.

Car dent removal commonly known as PDR can save you £1000’s rather than getting your vehicle resprayed / painted. The dents are removed using a light board and bars which are located up behind the vehicles panel to slowly apply pressure to the dent and remove it. This can take a while on some repairs.

You can contact Gary using the following methods…

Website : https://dentsoutltd.co.uk

Facebook : https://en-gb.facebook.com/DentsOutLtd/

Phone : 07734 032521