Car DAB Lincolnshire

Like listening to DAB at home but have no idea how to get the DAB stations in your car? DB Vehicle Electrics provides a very wide range of DAB audio add on’s meaning you don’t need to change or replace your existing car radio. Our DAB add on systems are professionally installed meaning all you will see within the vehicles interior is a small wireless controller, this can be left in a storage pocket or can be stuck down onto plastic trim via a sticky pad. The only fixed part you will see is a small glass mount aerial which is stuck onto the vehicles window screen.

These kits are very neat once professionally installed and offer very good quality sound. The station you are listening to is transfered over RDS meaning if you are listening to Radio 1 Extra it will display on your vehicles screen. Giving a very original fit appearance.

We supply and fit a wide range of DAB products and upgrades in the Lincolnshire area. Why not take a look at our Car Audio page.