Customers need alarms removed for many different reasons sometimes its due to them false triggering / sounding or in some cases the remote controls have been lost. With most aftermarket alarms having an inbuilt immobiliser this makes you will find your self immobilised with a car that won’t move.

Aftermarket security is simply not a quick and easy job to remove. The problem comes from most of the wiring being black on Thatcham approved car alarms and immobiliser systems. This means the engineers job is instantly difficult, if they wasn’t the original installer they have no idea were the parts are located within the vehicles interior / exterior. Removing a car alarm isn’t a simple DIY job which you can quickly do in an afternoon, if your not experienced the risk of causing damage or cutting the wrong wiring can be dangerous. Any electrical issue regarding the starting and safety of your vehicle should be done by a professional.

We can fully remove your aftermarket alarm and immobiliser system at your home or workplace in Lincolnshire