Bury CC9068

Most people think of Bluetooth then simply think Parrot. There is another very good brand of hands free Bluetooth system on the market. The brand is known as Bury this is the only handsfree bluetooth system which features a touch screen display. The system has a very nice colour screen which is easy on the eyes and perfect when driving. The Bury CC9068 features a large amount of features such as music streaming,

The part I really like is the adjustable display which gives you the ability to change the display to match your factory dashboard lighting such as Red, Blue, Yellow and White. The display also has auto dimming meaning once it starts to get dark the screen the screen will automaticly turn down the back light.

With the Bury Magic word setting one simple command will make the kit ready to make a call or dial a contact. The Screen is fully removable and allows you to pair 2 devices at any one time meaning you can have a personal and work mobile. The kit comes with a Micro USB cable which can be used for charging your mobile. If you have an Apple iPhone you can buy different adaptors to charge your phone. We supply and fit Bluetooth Handsfree Lincolnshire if you would like to book call us on 07340 341790.