Dash cam installation into a BMW Z4

The owner of this immaculate BMW Z4 wasn’t taking any chances and wanted excellent protection on the road. The Thinkware dash cam offers driving recording at 1080p and offers excellent features such as parking mode which allows the system to also record on impact and motion detection. This means if your parked in a shopping centre car park and the vehicle is reversed into the impact detected will be saved onto the SD card.

Many dashcams don’t offer parking mode and this is a must have feature if your vehicle is parked in an unknown location. Without parking mode your vehicle car be reversed into while your away and you wouldn’t have any footage of this event happening. With all our dash cams your protected when leaving your vehicle. All our systems are professionally hardwired in which means you will only see a very small amount of cable exiting the camera and then it will disappear into the trim or headlining.

To view any footage simply remove the SD card and put this into a desktop or laptop based on Windows to view the footage. It takes seconds to find the correct file such as ( driving recording or motion recording while parked ). We are fully mobile installers of dash cams in the local East Lindsey area, you can call us on 07340 341790.