BMW have just as many issues with there Adblue systems as many other manufatures. This vehicle cone up with the Adblue mileage countdown meaning the vehicle wasn’t going to re-start unless the Adblue issue was sorted. As such we recommended our Adblue removal and Stage 1 remap service. This means the owner never has to worry about the Adblue counter immobilising the vehicle or topping up the Adblue ever again. With our solution it is completely undetectable at MOT meaning at present your vehicle will still pass an MOT with the Adblue disabled.

These BMW N57 engines respond very well to a Stage 1 remap offering excellent responsiveness throughout the rev range. With the added torque you can be confident over taking on a country lane for example. Our Stage 1 and Adblue solution is applied to the vehicles ECU directly ( we don’t open it, just slide pins onto the ECU ) this is due to BMW carrying out security updates and as such flashing these via OBD can corrput the vehicles ECU. We only remap BMW vehicles by removing the ECU and carrying out our remap directly to the vehicles ECU.

This F15 was a BMW X5 30D model meaning a stage 1 gives it an additonal 52 BHP and an additonal 90NM of torque. The customer was very impressed with the vehicle performance gain after a good test drive. We are fully mobile in East Lindsey offering a mobile remapping service, call 07340 341790 or email for a quote or discuss what we can offer for your vehicle.