BMW Gearbox Remapping

We can now remap your BMW’s Automatic gearbox to offer additional performance. This is best performed with a stage 1 remap so you feel the full benefit of this service. A gearbox remap offers faster gear changes by 20%, increased torque limiters and increased clamping force. A common complaint from F series BMW owners is the laggy gearbox feel when leaving a set of traffic lights for example. A remap of the TCM will offer decreased lag.

We can remap the following BMW Automatic gear boxes.

BMW M2 F87 3.0T – DKG436 gen2
BMW M3 F80 3.0T – DKG436 gen2
BMW M4 F82-F83 3.0T – DKG436 gen2
ZF 8HPxx BMW F-series
ZF 8HPxx BMW G-series
ZF 8PHxx Alpina

How does a gearbox remap work? We access the Transmission Control Module via OBD or a bench read and download the current file stored in the TCM. We send the file to Avon Tuning for them to tune the file, once the file has been modded we simply re-upload it to the vehicles TCM and you can drive the vehicle as normal but with the enhanced features…

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