Turning off Start & Stop via diagnostics

Owners of many cars find Start / Stop very annoying, as such the owner of this BMW 1 series wanted the start / stop turned off. Although the start / stop will still work if you press the button on the dash it is always preset to off now meaning every time the customer enters the vehicle it will simply be in an OFF state. This means you can drive the vehicle as normal without the worry of the engine shutting off at traffic lights for example.

Some engineers state due to the repeated cranking over when the vehicle stops / starts throughout its drive this could strech the timing chain. As such many owners want this feature turned off. As with any vehicle as it gets older repeated starting will put wear on a huge amount of main engine components.

We can only offer this service on certain vehicles & models due to diagnostic coverage. If you would like your start / stop feature turned off why not call us on 07340 341790 and we can advise.