Dacia Duster Alarm Fitting Skegness

Dacia Duster fitted with the OE approved alarm upgrade from Meta. This system works flawlessly with this vehicle giving complete piece of mind. The system works on the original Can-Bus system meaning it reads all the doors, boot and bonnet zones from the vehicles Can-bus system. The system will arm and disarm only through the original vehicles remote control meaning locking the doors will arm the alarm and unlocking the doors will disarm the alarm.

This alarm offers a 118db battery back up siren meaning if it’s disconnected or attacked […]

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Ford Transit MK7 Meta Alarm Fitted Horncastle

A Ford Transit MK7 2006-2014 secured with the ultra reliable Meta Plip Alarm upgrade, this alarm works perfectly alongside the original blue Ford key fob meaning locking the doors will arm the alarm and unlocking will disarm the a1arm system. We custom program this alarm system to trigger instantly if anyone picks the drivers door lock to the unlock position meaning you will be alerted by the 118db battery back up siren instantly. ( lock picking the drivers door is the most common entry method thieves use on the MK7 Transit ).

This […]

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Peugeot Boxer Motorhome Cobra Alarm Removal

Peugeot Boxer motor home Cobra alarm removal. This Cobra alarm was well over 15 years old and sadly it finally give up the ghost fully immobilising the vehicle and the customer simply couldn’t start the vehicle any longer. Due to being experts in the vehicle security field, we fully removed the Cobra alarm and immobiliser system and soldered the wiring back to factory spec. Meaning the vehicle can be started and driven as normal once our work is complete.

We can also offer new alarm and immobiliser installations […]

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Mercedes ML High Beam Lighting Fault

Mercedes ML with a High Beam lighting fault. The module under the engine bay was giving a NEG output to the high beam relay at all times. The indicator stalk which has the lighting switch in was working fine and as such there was a fault within the Multi Funtion control unit. These can be very expensive on Mercedes vehicles to replace. As such the customer wanted the quickest / best method to get the vehicle through the MOT which was due the next day.

We found the relay which is […]

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Ford Focus Automatic TCM No Communication

Ford Focus 2006 / 2007 with the rare automatic transmission. Lots of communication codes within the vehicles ECU. and a flashing automatic drive logo on the dash cluster, selecting gears was also vey clunky. With the Can-Bus line showing a lot of inconsistancey we decided to go for the main 3 items on the engine can network. These were the Engine ECU, TCM ( Transmission ) and the ABS module.

When unplugging the TCM which is a pain to get to. We found the can-bus was a lot […]

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Peugeot Boxer Engine Surge Diagnostics

Another fun one… Peugeot Boxer 1994 running problem & no diagnostic communication. 2500RPM the engine was surging up and down the rev range. On the scope ( blue line in the picture ) was the earth for the crank sensor this had a huge amount of interferance / was dropping. We traced the fault back to sevral earth faults on the vehicle. This was all due to age and corrosion.

First was the chassis to gearbox strap, 2 x ECU earths on the engine block were cleaned, Battery negative cable to […]

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Ford Kuga Cobra Flush Mount Parking Sensors

Ford Kuga 2010 fitted with the Cobra flush mount parking sensors giving the most sleekest appearance possible. Cobra Flush mounts are the premium sensor which no other manufacturer even comes close to offering. The sensors look better than the original ones fitted by Fords. Cobra offer the most reliable sensors in the UK, these are a simple fit a forget once installed. They were professionally colour matched in the original Ford colour Sea Grey. Backed with our excellent 3 year warranty for complete piece of mind.

When the […]

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Peugeot 107 Dash Cluster Faults

This Peugeot 107 had a very unusal fault which had many faults all caused from the same component. The Radio, ABS and powered steering would all fail causing the ABS and EPS light to appear within the dash cluster. We stripped the vehicle down and this vehicle has the main interior fuse box built into the speedo cluster ( stupid design ).

When moving the cluster you would find the electrical components would turn off & on such the the ABS light, for example applying slight pressure to […]

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Hyundai Santa FE Scope Diagnostics

Hyundai Santa FE Crank, No start…

We was called out to a Hyundai Santa FE which was towed to a garage due to it being a crank, no start. The vehicle was diagnosed by someone else originally with a intermitant fault code stating the Cam Sensor was at fault. The sensor was swapped with a new sensor and the vehicle still wasn’t starting. DB Vehicle Electrics went through the motions on the fault finding process. We found the diagnostic machine stated no cam signal which straight away made us check for injector pulse and […]

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Ford Transit Luton Van Light Repair Skegness

Slightly unusal problem on this one! Ford Transit luton removals van with a Euro 5 Transit custom BCM. All lighting such as side lights and indicators are controlled via the BCM ( Electronic ECU ). If the BCM detects any shorts or paths to ground on the main lighting wires it will shut the lighting down. The only way to get the lighting working / back online is the repair the lighting fault and reset all the fault codes via diagnostic machine. The lighting was also back feeding causing the […]

Ford Transit Luton Van Light Repair Skegness2020-01-08T16:49:04+00:00
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