Jeep Cherokee Air Bag Diagnostics Sutton On Sea

Jeep Airbag Diagnosis In Sutton On Sea

We was called out to this Jeep which had a constant airbag light which would remain on everytime the vehicle was started. Due to how expensive these components are to replace this garage wanted a 100% confirmed answer as to what part was required in order to carry out the repair. We had to gain accesss to the airbag module, connectors and the squib / clockspring in order to correctly test this vehicle.

We even had to double check the resistance on […]

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VW T5 Laserline Rear Sensors Fitted Grimsby

Rear Laserline Parking Sensors Installed

If you drive a VW T5 or T6 you will more that likely struggle to reverse the vehicle without any rear windows or sensors, as such this customer wanted the added piece of mind when reversing. We suggested the excellent Laserline rear parking sensors, these are 4 sensors which are 19mm in size evenly spaced along the rear bumper. These sensors start detecting objects from up to 1.5 meters away meaning they give you more than enough warning of any objects which may be in your reversing path.

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Reliant Robin Battery Drain Diagnosis

Battery Drain issue on the classic Reliant Robin

We was called out to diagnose a Reliant Robin ( yes the only fools and horses special ) with a battery drain issue due to the vehicle being very basic there was only a small amount of things it could be. However when carrying out our 1 hour diagnosis we found 2 issues. The first being the voltage at the battery was changing voltage when the engine was running. The vehicle would charge at 14 volt with the engine running and by moving the alternator lead […]

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Audi & VW Automatic Gearbox Remapping

VAG Automatic Gearbox Remapping

If you own an Audi & VW vehicle you will more than likely be aware or heard of a gearbox remap you will know there are many benefits having this done. With many Audi and VW’s featuring paddle shift many owners want the fastest change possible and having a gearbox remap can allow you to carry out gear changes 20% faster.

It also allows the gearbox to have increased Torque limits which means a tune won’t be limited by the gearbox in anyway.

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BMW Automatic Gearbox Remapping

BMW Gearbox Remapping

We can now remap your BMW’s Automatic gearbox to offer additional performance. This is best performed with a stage 1 remap so you feel the full benefit of this service. A gearbox remap offers faster gear changes by 20%, increased torque limiters and increased clamping force. A common complaint from F series BMW owners is the laggy gearbox feel when leaving a set of traffic lights for example. A remap of the TCM will offer decreased lag.

We can remap the following BMW Automatic gear boxes.

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Ford Fiesta MK7 Radio Battery Drain Sutton-On-Sea

Ford Fiesta Radio Draining Battery When Parked

This excellent condition Fiesta had a very bad battery drain, you would simply leave the vehicle locked for a day and when you return the battery would be flat ( so flat the vehicle wouldn’t even crank over ). We checked all the major components which could be causing a drain while the vehicle was parked. We also check the vehicles aftermarket parking sensors to make sure they was wired correctly. Back we noticed after further testing when removing the radio fuse the drain went instantly. We […]

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