Honda Civic Immobiliser Module Reprogramming

Honda Civic Immobiliser Module Programming After Flat Battery!

We are seeing more of these random issues appear now more and more people are starting to use their vehicles after the Covid 19 lock down. This Civic had a completely flat battery and the customer charged the battery fully however the vehicle would simply not start. The green immobiliser / key light was flashing on the dash. This means the vehicles ECU is not detecting the correct signal / code from the vehicles immobiliser module.

We carried out a full […]

Honda Civic Immobiliser Module Reprogramming2020-05-15T19:05:34+00:00

Nissan NV200 Meta Alarm Fitting Louth

Nissan NV200 now protected by the Thatcham Approved Meta Can-Bus alarm.

The Nissan NV200 is used by many tradesman however they lack any form of security other than an immobiliser as standard. Some of these vehicles were fitted with a Cobra alarm at the dealership however many disarmed when you put a key in the drivers door and turn it to the unlock postion. This is a major problem because thieves will target the drivers door cylinder if any alarm is fitted. However Meta alarm systems are ahead of the game, the Meta can-bus […]

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Citroen & Peugeot Factory Approved Alarm Upgrade

The factory approved upgrade for any Citroen & Peugeot vehicle 2006 onwards

When it comes to Citroen or Peugeot vehicles many engineers are confused over what car alarm would be best. Due to the advanced electronics they have used for years fitting an analogue alarm is a very involved task which isn’t ideal for this vehicle. We have the diagnostic equipment to program these vehicles to accept the Meta factory approved Thatcham alarm upgrade upto 2017. If your vehicle is made AFTER 2017 we can still fit a Meta alarm system however […]

Citroen & Peugeot Factory Approved Alarm Upgrade2020-05-11T10:34:53+00:00

Rear Brake Diagnostic Release

Servicing your vehicles brakes is no longer straight forward….

For many years DIY’ers have simply replaced their brake pads or discs & pads without issue. However many vehicles require a diagnostic machine to allow this job to be carried out. it is becoming more and more popular with newer vehicles that have an electronic handbrake. Without diagnostics it makes a simple job a complete nightmare.

When you release the handbrake it will allow the caliper to be released from the carrier, however you won’t be able to wind the […]

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Fiat Ducato Engine Fuse Box No Power

Fiat Ducato we was called out to which had no power to the engine bay fuse box.

This Fiat Ducato Motorhome was completely dead, we had no infomation on this vehicle from the owner due to him not being avaliable, as such we started on the basics and worked from there. With regards to the vehicle being dead we first checked battery voltage then carried on testing, the engine bay fuse box which also powers the interior fuse box had no 12volt power going to it. We first cofirmed the battery had power which […]

Fiat Ducato Engine Fuse Box No Power2020-04-30T17:38:00+00:00

Diagnostic Battery Reset

The correct way to reset your vehicles BMS…

During the Covid 19 lock down cars & vans are being used on a very limited basis as such vehicles are not being driven as much as they would do normally. This will have a massive effect on the vehicles battery, even more so on vehicles with stop / start fitted as standard. You might ask why? Stop / Start vehicle batteries charge alot slower than a normal / older car battery to protect the internal cells. These stop / start batterys are normally labled as AGM. This means […]

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