Vauxhall Corsa E No Output To ECU Relay

High resistance on ECU relay output

We was tasked to diagnose a Vauxhall Corsa E crank no start. As such we fully scanned the vehicle for codes and there were a few relating to the ECU, many would simply send the ECU off to be tested. However we carried out a few checks and found one of the ECU circuits wasn’t turning on the ECU relay, this other ECU relay switches on the power supplies for the coils, o2 sensors, EGR and much more. As such will these items not being commanded to […]

Vauxhall Corsa E No Output To ECU Relay2021-03-17T08:35:26+00:00

Nissan NV200 Bury Bluetooth Handsfree Fitted Sandilands

Bury 9068 Bluetooth Handsfree

This Nissan NV200 had a factory fitted Bluetooth system but the customer simply wasn’t happy with the performance of the factory fitted system, many callers simply said they couldn’t hear him or it was very quiet. As such the customer wanted a new / decent handsfree system which also offers music streaming. The customer normally works away and as such with a large collection of music on the smartphone it makes sense to bluetooth stream all the music across wirelessly. The Bury offers a nice LCD touch screen […]

Nissan NV200 Bury Bluetooth Handsfree Fitted Sandilands2021-03-01T23:29:13+00:00

Peugeot 308 Laserline Rear Sensors Fitted Skegness

Laserline Colour Coded Rear Sensors

An excellent condition Peugeot the owner only just picked up, the customer was wanting rear sensors professionally installed to the vehicle and as such wanted them fully colour coded to match the factory silver paint. As such these Laserline sensors were professionally colour coded so the paint matched perfectly. As you can see from the above picture the sensors have a very sleek appearance once installed into the bumper. They are raised from the vehicles bodywork by 1mm meaning they look very neat.

Peugeot 308 Laserline Rear Sensors Fitted Skegness2021-02-18T13:10:37+00:00

Renault Clio MK3 Headlights Staying On

Clio MK3 Headlights Remaining on

Renault Clio MK3 customer complaint headlights keep staying on, no matter which position the light switch was in the lights would simply remain on. The only way you could get the lights to turn off was the disconnect the vehicles battery. Everything checked out OK on live data, following the factory wiring diagram we confirm the headlight outputs were from the under bonnet fuse / relay box.We carried out all wiring output checks and these were all OK, when moving the headlight relay it attempt to remove […]

Renault Clio MK3 Headlights Staying On2021-02-04T18:44:42+00:00

Skoda Fabia Drivers Door Wiring Fault

Skoda Fabia Drivers Door Loom

Any vehicle over 10 years old will normally show signs of problems / issues. Sadly this vehicle is no different. This vehicle had been previously repaired on the Blue/ Black wire you can see in the image. The main problem the customer was finding was the doors wouldn’t lock and the warning remained on that the doors were currently open. We pulled the door apart and found out what exactly needed to be fixed on this vehicle. We first repaired the cracks in the harness the main live […]

Skoda Fabia Drivers Door Wiring Fault2021-02-02T09:59:48+00:00

Honda CRV Exhaust O2 Sensor Fault

02 sensor short to ground

We visited a Honda CRV which had a repeated issue where a fuses kept blowing for a circuit which a few parts were linked to, the main circuits were the speed sensor, alternator control, O2 sensor. This can be a fault which can waste hours of diagnostic time if the task of finding the fault is not thought about in a logical way. We asked the customer what type of jobs had been carried out during ownership.

The only job which could have […]

Honda CRV Exhaust O2 Sensor Fault2021-01-29T15:32:46+00:00
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