Isuzu Rodeo Air Bag Fault Sutton On Sea

Isuzu Rodeo Air Bag Fault

Isuzu Rodeo with an Airbag light remaining on. This vehicle failed the MOT due to this issue, when we plugged in diagnostics we found the drivers side pre tensioner had very high resistance. This also set a fault code and as such we started investigating the drivers seat wiring, the wiring leaves the seat and the wires run into a yellow plug, when moving the connector you could see the live data changing on the scan tool as such we cut this plug out and soldered the wires directly […]

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Renault Clio Washer Pump Diagnostics

Renault Clio Washer Pump Not Funtional

We was asked to look at this Clio with the window washer system not working. We disconnected the washer pump and checked the usual power and grounds to this component. These all checked out fine and could handle load just fine, as such we moved onto the waser pump motor itself. Once removed we confirmed the part was open circuit and there is a dead spot on the motor. We tapped the motor a couple of times and the washer came back to life fully working.

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Mercedes C Class Dash Cam Fitting Mablethorpe

Mercedes C Class fitted with the customers own dashcam which he purchased elsewhere.

This Nextbase camera was professionally installed into a brand new Mercedes C Class. We mounted the dashcam in a way the driver could not see it while driving giving a sleek finish. This was professionally wired in with the correct hardwire harness meaning no cables are visable other than the small amount of wire leaving the dash cam into the vehicles head liner.

The best part about a professional installation is the dashcam will automatically turn […]

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Van Rear Load Area Protection

Van load area protection…. Why is this important?

Many van owners are worried about van security and as such they are looking at adding as many sensors as possible to detect and protect their tools from theft. A common add on for many van owners is the rear mounted microwave sensor. This sensor creates an invisable field when the alarm is armed. when armed if the field detects any movement the alarm will instantly trigger. This is ideal if you are worried about door bending / peeling where a thief will bend the door […]

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Subaru Outback Air Con Diagnostics

Air Con Diagnostics on a Subaru Outback…

We was called in to correctly diagnose and confirm the reason the A/C compressor wasn’t working after the system was fully re-gassed. We found the A/C 2 pin plug to be completely snapped off from the compressor. This could be to engine work that has previously been carried out. Sadly due to the plug being completely snapped this is not repairable and as such requires a new complete part.

The checks we carried out on this system.

  • Live from […]
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Ford Transit Custom High Spec Deadlocks

Ford Custom van fitted with the Thatcham approved high spec deadlocks

Owning a Ford Transit Custom without any form of extra security such as deadlocks is very risky in this day and age. Van theft is at an all time high because the police simply can’t catch the thieves. As such owners need to take action by securing their vehicle. This owner decided on the deadlocks to protect the load area meaning if the vehicles drivers door barrel was attacked to unlock / gain entry into the load area they simply won’t be able […]

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