Range Rover Sport 2019 Autowatch Ghost Fitted Louth

Owning a Range Rover comes with the usual theft risk, due to these cars aways being in the top 10 stolen vehicles each year. We secured this Range Rover Sport with the Autowatch Ghost 2 offering complete protection against theft. Without knowing the unique pin sequence the moment the gear selector is moved the vehicle will become immobilised. You won’t be able to drive the vehicle unless you know the required pim sequence.

The Ghost uses the original vehicles dash cluster to give an indication flash meaning there are no additional LED’S or parts installed like a car […]

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Audi S3 8V Diesel Stage 1 Remap Mablethorpe

These 2L Diesel engines simply change from a great around town car to a fun country lane car with a simple stage 1 calibration. The Stage 1 is very noticeable once installed giving excellent throttle response and the added torque is a massive change. A stage 1 tune requires no other mods on the 2L engine meaning is the most cost effective power upgrade you can install to your vehicle. A stage 1 is completely safe and keeps everything within safe operating limits giving excellent performance but more importantly engine reliability. The power gains are stunning on this vehicle […]

Audi S3 8V Diesel Stage 1 Remap Mablethorpe2023-06-20T07:54:23+00:00

Jaguar XF Rear Brake Light Fault 2012

This Jaguar XF 2012 with a brake light and handbrake issue, this vehicle was in pieces before we was asked to get involved. It had hours of labour wasted, second hand modules installed, replacement swtiches, as such after all these parts not one of them fixed the issue. Customers would rather pay for hours of wasted labour than get an answer accurate answer from logical testing. We put the vehicle back to factory standard and found from our testing the vehicle had 1 broken wire.

How much longer would a customer / garage waste replacing parts before calling […]

Jaguar XF Rear Brake Light Fault 20122023-06-20T07:21:02+00:00

Kia Picanto Laserline Rear Parking Sensors Horncastle

Kia Picanto fitted with our Laserline rear parking sensors including professional colour coding, these sensors give the customer total protection while reversing and due the owner having them on her old car she was lost without them on her new Kia Picanto. This allows us to install the perfect aftermarket solution made by Laserline, these sensors offer excellent reliability and will last for years once they have been installed ( backed by our 3 year warranty for complete piece of mind ).

By colour coding the parking sensors to the original paint you are garanteed an excellent finish […]

Kia Picanto Laserline Rear Parking Sensors Horncastle2023-05-26T07:58:34+00:00

Pressure Testing A Poorly Cleaned DPF

This garage was doing the right thing by removing the DPF and having it professionally cleaned. Well so they thought! They had it sent away for a couple of days and it returned with a flow print out stating the clean was sucessful. They refitted it, re-started the vehicle and the DPF pressures wouldn’t reset.  As such they called us unsure as to why there is still an issue.

We carried out a diagnosis and found there was an original ECU updated file avaliable for this exact issue, we recalibrated the ECU with an original file running the latest […]

Pressure Testing A Poorly Cleaned DPF2023-04-21T07:36:51+00:00

Mercedes E Class Estate Adblue Solution Sutton-On-Sea

Mercedes are one of the most common vehicles we apply our Adblue solution to, this is due to the constant Adblue issues owners experience. and due to each repair being between £1200-£2200 many owners opt for our Adblue solution this means the system is completely disabled. This means the customer will never have to worry about the vehicle becoming immobilised. This vehicle had an Adblue tank fault which is one of the most expensive to repair.

Many customers ask straight away if the vehicle will pass an MOT with our solution, and the answer is YES! at present […]

Mercedes E Class Estate Adblue Solution Sutton-On-Sea2023-04-19T07:44:11+00:00
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