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Fiat Ducato Engine Fuse Box No Power

Fiat Ducato we was called out to which had no power to the engine bay fuse box.

This Fiat Ducato Motorhome was completely dead, we had no infomation on this vehicle from the owner due to him not being avaliable, as such we started on the basics and worked from there. With regards to the vehicle being dead we first checked battery voltage then carried on testing, the engine bay fuse box which also powers the interior fuse box had no 12volt power going to it. We first cofirmed the battery had power which […]

Fiat Ducato Engine Fuse Box No Power2020-04-30T17:38:00+00:00

Diagnostic Battery Reset

The correct way to reset your vehicles BMS…

During the Covid 19 lock down cars & vans are being used on a very limited basis as such vehicles are not being driven as much as they would do normally. This will have a massive effect on the vehicles battery, even more so on vehicles with stop / start fitted as standard. You might ask why? Stop / Start vehicle batteries charge alot slower than a normal / older car battery to protect the internal cells. These stop / start batterys are normally labled as AGM. This means […]

Diagnostic Battery Reset2020-04-30T16:17:36+00:00

Can you charge AGM car batteries with a normal charger?

Can you charge AGM car batteries with a normal charger? The answer is NO due to possible damage you could cause.

With many new vehicles made after 2011 more of them are fitted with stop / start technology to reduce emissions & to save the enviroment. However this causes problems for many vehicle owners, for example unless your using an expensive £100+ car charger you simply can’t charge these batteries correctly without causing damage to the cells inside the battery. Another major problem is customers can’t replace there car battery themselves without very expensive […]

Can you charge AGM car batteries with a normal charger?2020-04-30T13:55:06+00:00

Meta Easypark Rear Parking Sensor Review

OE quality and approved rear parking sensors made by Meta

Meta have always been known for providing excellent quality products. Once again the same applies to there entry level Easy Park sensors, they are only 20.5mm in size and offer a very sleek appearance once installed they can also be fully painted to match the vehicles exterior paint colour. They come with OE style connectors making sure the installation is reliable for many years to come and offers excellent performance throughout vehicle ownership. Also backed by Meta Systems 3 year warranty, being made, designed & manufatured in […]

Meta Easypark Rear Parking Sensor Review2020-04-29T17:34:55+00:00

Directed 1101T Review

The Directed 1101T keyless bypass module and how it can be used with aftermarket alarms.

With many vehicle owners wanting to upgrade there security it makes sense to review this product. This product is designed with remote start in mind but it could also be used if your wanting to add a remote alarm to your keyless Fiesta ST for example. Some owners don’t like the idea of having an alarm system that works alongside the factory remote, hence them wanting an alarm that works on it’s own. However in most cases this causes […]

Directed 1101T Review2020-04-28T10:59:43+00:00

Neat Parking Sensor Installations Lincolnshire

Neat Cobra Parking Sensor ECU Wiring

On this Ford vehicle we have taken a picture of our workmanship. This is the Cobra / Vodafone Automotive parking sensor ECU, this is normally hidden behind a panel within the boot area. however some engineers think they can simply stick the unit down and leave a mess of cable behind the panel. DB Vehicle Electrics always mounts the control unit using original fixings within the vehicle.

On this Ford we used an original body threaded stud and mounted the Cobra / […]

Neat Parking Sensor Installations Lincolnshire2020-04-15T10:26:16+00:00
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