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Honda Accord Remap 185BHP Mablethorpe

Honda Accord remapped to 185BHP in Mablethorpe

Not all remaps go to plan. But we got this vehicle remapped with no issues at all. This straight forward OBD remap wouldn’t connect due to an underlying can-bus fault on the vehicle. So rather than saying it can’t be done, we cracked on and got it done……

Due to our technical diagrams and tooling we removed the ECU from the vehicle and directly went onto the ecu data pins. This file is then uploaded to Avon Tuning for them to work […]

Honda Accord Remap 185BHP Mablethorpe2020-10-31T22:49:26+00:00

Ford Fiesta Van Parrot Handsfree Fitted Louth

Parrot MKI9200 Fitted Into A Ford Fiesta Van Louth

This was a 2017 van but it didn’t have any form of handsfree as standard ( very unusal ) on this year of Ford. But this wasn’t a problem! we fitted the very well known Parrot MKI9200 handsfree Bluetooth system which also allows Bluetooth music streaming, It also has a glove box mounted USB and AUX lead meaning you can also charge your phone if required. This system is wired between the original radio and the vans speakers meaning during a call the system will […]

Ford Fiesta Van Parrot Handsfree Fitted Louth2020-10-15T15:56:45+00:00

Audi A3 Reversing Lights Fault Mablethorpe

Audi A3 8P No Revese Lights

We was asked to take a look at this Audi A3 8P chassis, the customer complaint was no reverse lights. The bulbs had already been replaced and as such the customer didn’t know if it was the 5 amp fuse powering the reverse lights or the switch which is mounted to the gearbox. The gearbox switch is a very common part to fail on this vehicle, and as such after a diagnostic scan ( also highlighing another problem in the drivers door ) we found there was no […]

Audi A3 Reversing Lights Fault Mablethorpe2020-10-14T07:31:57+00:00

Mercedes A Class SAM Module Water Ingress Sutton-On-Sea

Water Attacked The SAM Module Causing Indicators To Stop Working

We was called out to a Mercedes A Class which had a very unusual fault, the rear right indicator and front left indicator was simply not working. We checked the usual connections at the front and rear lights and manually powered each bulb to confirm the wiring to each cluster was OK / working. We then looked at live data to confirm if we can trigger each indicator on its own and we still had the same issue. We looked into the module location […]

Mercedes A Class SAM Module Water Ingress Sutton-On-Sea2020-10-14T07:32:21+00:00

ECU Remap VS Tuning Box

Is an ECU remap better than a tuning box?

It is a common question and with increasing your cars power being a mine field, it makes sense to understand exactly what each product / service does for your vehicle. We explain the benefits of each device and if your looking to find out whats best for your vehicle? We would recommend one of our professional ECU remaps from Avon Tuning.

Professional ECU remap – This is by far the safest way to increase […]

ECU Remap VS Tuning Box2020-10-01T22:19:37+00:00

Citroen Berlingo Meta Thatcham Alarm Upgrade Skegness

Programmed to the vehicles BSI, Thatcham approved Alarm Upgrade.

Not many Auto electrical companies understand the complex wiring and BSI modules inside these Citroen Berlingo vans. As such we are the NO 1 Meta alarm dealer in Lincolnshire, offering a completely mobile service and we will have the whole alarm fitted in around 1 hour. To start we have to connect our diagnostic equipment to the OBD inside your vehicle and change the settings within the BSI once this is done and sucessfully programmed we can then start the installation.

Citroen Berlingo Meta Thatcham Alarm Upgrade Skegness2020-09-29T09:16:04+00:00
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