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Vauxhall Combo Indicator Fault Theddlethorpe

Vauxhall Combo Indicator Fault Theddlethorpe

Another Auto Electrician said this Vauxhall Combo needed a replacement module @ £700 Fitted. They diagnosed this one very wrong and as such wanted someone else to take a look. The fault was located as a bad contact on the main flasher / indicator relay. We pulled the relay apart and cleaned the internal contacts and the relay is now working perfectly again. As a safety measure we recommended a replacement relay incase it fails again in the future. However the customer was very happy he didn’t have to […]

Vauxhall Combo Indicator Fault Theddlethorpe2020-08-05T18:36:31+00:00

Mitsubshi Outlander Cobra Rear Sensors Fitted Sandilands

Mitsubshi Outlander Cobra Rear Sensors Fitted Sandilands

A set of Cobra / Vodafone automotive sensors were fitted to this brand new Mitsubshi Outlander, and the customer was very impressed with the finish and said the sensors look better than the factory option which can be fitted when the vehicle is being made! The sensors were neatly positioned along the top of the bumper to give a factory appearance. These sensors become active when the reverse gear is selected meaning there is no input required from the driver, simply select reverse and park with complete […]

Mitsubshi Outlander Cobra Rear Sensors Fitted Sandilands2020-08-05T17:50:23+00:00

Meta Trak Pulsar Battery Tracker

The first Thatcham approved S7 battery powered tracker in the UK!

Not everyone needs a car tracker which offers smartphone apps and PC logins. Some customers are just looking to keep their insurance happy or want a tracker thats not wired into the vehicles electrics. The Meta Trak Pulsar is perfect for this purpose, the device has it’s own onboard battery which is designed to last 3 years this means once the included 3 year subscription has ended you simply remove the device or buy another due to it being more cost effective.

Meta Trak Pulsar Battery Tracker2020-07-23T17:03:24+00:00

Range Rover Laserline Removal Horncastle

Range Rover Laserline Removal Horncastle…

We visited a Range Rover which had a very old Laserline installed. It done very well being over 20 years old at least. Sadly the system started false alarming and the owner had to remove the siren, once he done this the vehicle stopped starting and as such attempted to start removing the system himself. But decided it was far to involved, as such we fully removed all the connections made and re soldered the original loom back together meaning the alarm and immobiliser was completely removed and as such this won’t […]

Range Rover Laserline Removal Horncastle2020-07-23T15:18:21+00:00

Caterham 7 Wiring repair Skegness

What we started with, a customer attempted to removed the alarm and immobiliser that was fitted.

We went out to a Caterham 7 which was suffering a engine crank, no start. The engine would turn over as normal but simply wouldn’t come to life. The customer had done alot of research online trying to find the reason why the engine wouldn’t start. And as such he swapped relays, cut certain parts of the wiring loom and tried many internet known fixes. Sadly he didn’t fix the issue and turned to us for a correct diagnostic. We carried out […]

Caterham 7 Wiring repair Skegness2020-07-17T14:40:53+00:00

Peugeot 107 Meta Alarm Fitting Louth

Peugeot 107 Meta Alarm with ultrasonic upgrade fitted Louth

Peugeot 107 fitted with the Factory approved Meta alarm system. Offers full protection for doors, boot and the vehicles interior. This customer went for the ultrasonic upgrade which means they have the factory apperance sensors which are mounted on the drivers B Pillar post. These are by far the sleekest sensor you can possibly have fitted within the vehicles interior.

Sadly the original vehicle remote was not working on this vehicle and as such the customer wanted seperate remote controls which will arm and […]

Peugeot 107 Meta Alarm Fitting Louth2020-07-10T23:42:19+00:00
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