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Honda CRV Exhaust O2 Sensor Fault

02 sensor short to ground

We visited a Honda CRV which had a repeated issue where a fuses kept blowing for a circuit which a few parts were linked to, the main circuits were the speed sensor, alternator control, O2 sensor. This can be a fault which can waste hours of diagnostic time if the task of finding the fault is not thought about in a logical way. We asked the customer what type of jobs had been carried out during ownership.

The only job which could have […]

Honda CRV Exhaust O2 Sensor Fault2021-01-29T15:32:46+00:00

Evo Cobra Cat 1 Skegness Lincolnshire

Thatcham Cat 1 On A Classic Evo 2002

With the Mitsubishis getting older now they are getting to the stage of alarms and immobilisers getting old and failing. Many insurance companies won’t even touch these vehicles unless you have an approved Thatcham Cat 1 alarm & immobiliser installed. This vehicle had a Toad AI06 installed and was starting to have issues with disarming. As such the customer wanted the system removed and a reliable replacement installing, we suggested the Cobra Cat 1 alarm & immobiliser this system will keep your vehicle protected for […]

Evo Cobra Cat 1 Skegness Lincolnshire2021-01-19T19:00:28+00:00

Range Rover Front Washer Fault Louth

Front Washer Intermitant Fault

This early Range Rover uses a very advanced module carrying out many electrical tasks within the vehicle such as door locking, electric windows, Lighting, wipers, washers and much more. This vehicle had 1 original issue but the garage who originally diagnosed this vehicle said it needed a new washer pump, when they replaced the washer pump the washers still didn’t funtion correctly, we first checked the connection at the washer pump and this was full of corrosion as such this wouldn’t make a good connection, once this was replaced […]

Range Rover Front Washer Fault Louth2021-01-19T18:24:03+00:00

Ford Transit Custom Stage 1 Remap Alford

Ford Custom Remapped with an additional 80BHP.

With the large amount of vans on the road the Ford Transit Custom is by far the most common. This Ford Transit Custom has the 2.2 TDCI engine which can come tuned in 2 ways from Fords when the vehicle is new, they offer the van as 100BHP or 150BHP as standard on the same engine. We can bring this basic 100BHP tune up to 180BHP using the dyno tested & approved remap. This simple stage 1 tune will transform your vehicle with a new lease […]

Ford Transit Custom Stage 1 Remap Alford2021-01-04T21:57:55+00:00

Fiat Motorhome Ground Issue Alford

Fiat Motorhome With A Ground Issue

This motorhome wouldn’t even crank over and many electrical items wouldn’t even work, we carried out many tests and found all powers were present however no earths were present anywhere within the interior of the vehicle. We found the engine however had a good earth / ground. We followed our testing methods to find out why the vehicle had no internal earth / ground. When tracing this back we found there are 2 earths coming off the battery, 1 of these goes to the vehicles starter […]

Fiat Motorhome Ground Issue Alford2021-01-03T18:31:31+00:00

Nissan Micra 2005 Powered Steering Diagnosis

Giving a 100% accurate diagnosis on a Nissan Micra Powered Steering Fault

Sadly as vehicles get older more stuff goes wrong, and as such this vehicle was being serviced at the owners local garage in Louth, and they wanted the garage to investigate the powered steering issue however they was unsure in their diagnosis due to it being electric powered steering, as such they recommend us to give a 100% comfirmed diagnosis. And as such we went out to the vehicle and found the powered steering to be not working at all with […]

Nissan Micra 2005 Powered Steering Diagnosis2020-12-17T13:16:30+00:00
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