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Ford Transit Custom High Spec Deadlocks

Ford Custom van fitted with the Thatcham approved high spec deadlocks

Owning a Ford Transit Custom without any form of extra security such as deadlocks is very risky in this day and age. Van theft is at an all time high because the police simply can’t catch the thieves. As such owners need to take action by securing their vehicle. This owner decided on the deadlocks to protect the load area meaning if the vehicles drivers door barrel was attacked to unlock / gain entry into the load area they simply won’t be able […]

Ford Transit Custom High Spec Deadlocks2020-06-05T21:06:15+00:00

Ford Fiesta MK6 Alarm Diagnostics Louth

Diagnositc on an original Ford alarm and finding out the source of the false alarms.

Most Fords come with an alarm of some form, this MK6 Ford Fiesta had the standard horn alarm. When you lock the vehicle with the remote control any form of opening the doors will trigger the stnadard horn alarm. This is all ok when the system is working correctly but as the vehicle gets older and components wear out they are no longer very reliable. This vehicle was driving the owner and the local people mad as such he […]

Ford Fiesta MK6 Alarm Diagnostics Louth2020-06-05T12:34:36+00:00

BMW 1 Series Turning Off Start & Stop

Turning off Start & Stop via diagnostics

Owners of many cars find Start / Stop very annoying, as such the owner of this BMW 1 series wanted the start / stop turned off. Although the start / stop will still work if you press the button on the dash it is always preset to off now meaning every time the customer enters the vehicle it will simply be in an OFF state. This means you can drive the vehicle as normal without the worry of the engine shutting off at traffic lights for example. […]

BMW 1 Series Turning Off Start & Stop2020-05-30T16:48:03+00:00

Ford Transit Custom Meta Super Alarm Fitted Lincoln

The high end Meta security system which is perfect for vans. The Meta Super alarm is the connected 24/7 alarm system which means if the alarm triggers it will send a text message and push notification to your smartphone. This system also offers onboard GPS tracking meaning you can view the location of the vehicle at any time and also view previous routes the vehicle has taken.

The Meta Super alarm comes with the first 12 months subscription free of charge then after the first year has ended […]

Ford Transit Custom Meta Super Alarm Fitted Lincoln2020-05-26T20:40:25+00:00

Fiat Ducato Motorhome Cobra Cat 1 Fitted Market Rasen

Cobra Thatcham Cat 1 Installed Market Rasen

This year 2000 Fiat Ducato left hand drive motorhome had a Scorpion Thatcham Cat 1 fitted and sadly being amount 20 years old it was at the end of it’s life cycle. As such the owner wanted the system completely removed and have a new Thatcham cat 1 fully installed, Due to the Cobra Thatcham Cat 1 being the best on the market we advised this system. This system offers more protection than many other Cat 1 alarms due to the secure epoxy sealed immobiliser module and […]

Fiat Ducato Motorhome Cobra Cat 1 Fitted Market Rasen2020-05-22T21:19:16+00:00

Citroen Berlingo Glow Plug Diagnostics

Citroen Berlingo Diagnose Glow Plug / Engine Light Issue…

This Citroen Berlingo was slightly unusal. It went for an MOT and there was no engine light visable when turning the ignition on, it was later discovered the engine light had tape over due to an on going problem with this vehicle. As with any Citroen and Peugeot these are hard to diagnose without any form of professional diagnostic equipment. We scanned the vehicle for fault codes and it has 2 codes stored within the ECU.

One code was relating […]

Citroen Berlingo Glow Plug Diagnostics2020-05-18T10:08:06+00:00
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