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Mercedes ML Stage 1 Remap and Adblue Delete

Packing a punch with a stage 1 tune and Adblue delete

This Mercedes come to us via a garage recommendation, the vehicle had a Adblue fault and Mercedes had quoted over £2000 to repair this fault. As such the customer was looking for alternative routes to repair the vehicle, as such we carried out an Adblue delete and by deleting the Adblue you stop all related problems such as engine lights, adblue warnings and the vehicle not starting due to it sensing no adblue in the tank. Our Adblue delete allows the system […]

Mercedes ML Stage 1 Remap and Adblue Delete2021-09-24T08:41:36+00:00

Audi Q5 Remap Mablethorpe

Audi Q5 with Stage 1 39 BHP + 50NM Torque

The owner of this Audi Q5 was blown away by the difference a remap made to their vehicle. Due to the owner towing a horse box he really noticed how slow the vehicle felt when towing. The increase of 39BHP & 50NM of torque was a nice gain and it also keeps everything within safe limits the engine can handle without effecting reliability or performance. Due to this being a Diesel if driven is a steady manor the customer can gain between 1-3 […]

Audi Q5 Remap Mablethorpe2021-09-14T09:40:12+00:00

BMW Z4 Thinkware Dash Cam Alford

Dash cam installation into a BMW Z4

The owner of this immaculate BMW Z4 wasn’t taking any chances and wanted excellent protection on the road. The Thinkware dash cam offers driving recording at 1080p and offers excellent features such as parking mode which allows the system to also record on impact and motion detection. This means if your parked in a shopping centre car park and the vehicle is reversed into the impact detected will be saved onto the SD card.

Many dashcams don’t offer parking mode and […]

BMW Z4 Thinkware Dash Cam Alford2021-06-25T16:11:49+00:00

Vauxhall Insignia Electric Handbrake Fault Wiring Repair

Vauxhall Insignia Handbrake Not Releasing

The owner of this Vauxhall Insignia had issues since he purchased it with the electric handbrake, he had already replaced the switch but sadly this didn’t fix the fault. The handbrake would engage everytime but not release when pressing the button, as such you would have to drive the vehicle until it would automatically release. By following an official wiring diagram we confirmed the wiring at the swtich inside the interior was working perfectly.

We tried to diagnostic scan the handbrake module and […]

Vauxhall Insignia Electric Handbrake Fault Wiring Repair2021-05-26T16:07:49+00:00

Demon Maps Has Been Born

A website aimed at Remapping & Tuning

Due to the massive success of remapping and tuning in the local area we decided to create a sister company to DB Vehicle Electrics focusing on just the tuning side. As such Demon Maps was born! offering a on site vehicle gains selector and a very detailed website explaining EVERY service we can offer from a simple remap to a full vehicle tune such as a Stage 1 remap.

We have also focused on the Eco Remap […]

Demon Maps Has Been Born2021-05-19T17:43:27+00:00

Ford Transit Eco Remap Mablethorpe

Ford Transit Avon Tuning Eco Remap.

This Ford Transit MK7 mini bus / Taxi is now running a custom Avon Tuning Eco remap. This tune will change the fuel trims and slightly enhance the performance / torque to give you a better drive. This form of tuning doesn’t put increased loud on the components due to it being designed with eco driving in mind. These maps / tunes can give you a good fuel saving over time.

Some customers will also take advantage of a EGR delete at […]

Ford Transit Eco Remap Mablethorpe2021-04-21T07:38:02+00:00
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