VAG Automatic Gearbox Remapping

If you own an Audi & VW vehicle you will more than likely be aware or heard of a gearbox remap you will know there are many benefits having this done. With many Audi and VW’s featuring paddle shift many owners want the fastest change possible and having a gearbox remap can allow you to carry out gear changes 20% faster.

It also allows the gearbox to have increased Torque limits which means a tune won’t be limited by the gearbox in anyway.

Audi & VW automatic gearboxes we can tune?

Temic DL382
Temic DL501 gen1
Temic DL501 gen2
Temic DQ200 gen2
Temic DQ200 MQB
Temic DQ250 MQB
Temic DQ400E
Bosch DQ380
Bosch DQ381
Bosch DQ382
Bosch DQ500 MQB
ZF AL450
ZF AL451
ZF AL551
ZF AL951
Continental DL800
Continental DQ500

How does a gearbox remap work? We access the Transmission Control Module via OBD or a bench read and download the current file stored in the TCM. We send the file to Avon Tuning for them to tune the file, once the file has been modded we simply re-upload it to the vehicles TCM and you can drive the vehicle as normal but with the enhanced features…

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