We diagnosed the indicator output from the passanger door module was blown.

With any Audi or VW things can get expensive very quickly for even the most simple things. This vehicle had damage to the passanger door mirror and the original indicator lens was completely smashed. We checked the basics such as power and ground alongwith using the scope to check can-bus communication was there and correct. This damage to the original lens caused the original indicator output in the passanger door can-bus module to blow. As such the full replacement of this module and coding with labour to the vehicle means expensive! As such we carried out a repair where we went to another passanger indicator feed from the vehicle BCM. This allows the indicator to work on the door mirror as normal.

The only reason we carried out this type of repair on this vehicle is due to the BCM having no bulb fail fitted. Otherwise we would have needed to carry out additional Vagcom coding changes to allow this. This repair of running a new wire was around 90 mins labour however it works out much cheaper than replacing modules.

These Can-Bus modules within the drivers and passanger doors can also get water ingress causing issues to the windows, mirrors and much more. But this fault was simply down to the short across the live and earth from the lens damage. We got this vehice diagnosed and repaired in 90 mins call 07340 341790 to get your vehicle booked in.