Audi A3 8P No Revese Lights

We was asked to take a look at this Audi A3 8P chassis, the customer complaint was no reverse lights. The bulbs had already been replaced and as such the customer didn’t know if it was the 5 amp fuse powering the reverse lights or the switch which is mounted to the gearbox. The gearbox switch is a very common part to fail on this vehicle, and as such after a diagnostic scan ( also highlighing another problem in the drivers door ) we found there was no reverse signal getting to the BCM.

We stripped out a few engine parts and managed to gain a clear view of the reverse switch, we pulled back the plastic wiring tubing which protects the original wiring, but sadly this tubing didn’t do a good job due to the wire being completely broken inside the tube. We stripped the wire back and soldered in a fresh piece of wire and once repaired we had reverse lights.

Sadly one of the reverse lights wasn’t working / we found it to be a loose connection within the bulb holder, once we tightened the connection it was working correctly. This vehicle didn’t need ANY parts to carry out this repair just logical thinking and a skilled repair of the original wiring. The customer was advised to get the drivers door loom checked at a later date due to the system currenty working in single can mode on that door.

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