Audi A3 getting excellent BHP and Torque gains with our Stage 1

This excellent condition Audi A3 is now running our Stage 1 Avon Tuning remap giving amazing results. It gives a massive 49BHP increase and a very nice 90NM of torque. This remap simply makes these vehicles amazing to drive ( like it should have come from the factory ). The great part about the stage 1 tune is it requires no other mods, this means a remap gives you the biggest bang for buck over any other mod on the market.

A Stage 1 doesn’t put any dangerous loads on the engine due to them all being kept within the safe limits of the engine. We can carry out a Stage 1 remap within 60-90 mins on your Audi A3 at your home or workplace in the local East Lindsey area.

We are a fully approved Avon Tuning dealer meaning we use offical tools and have the excellent back up and support from Avon Tuning. If your looking for a remap call 07340 341790.