Audi Alpine Speaker upgrade

For many years now many customers have been asking for OE spec upgrades which enhances the performance but doesn’t change the vehicles looks. Alpine have come up with a very nice upgrade for your Audi A 3 meaning you can have the sound upgrade your car has been waiting for. I have never been impressed with the standard or Bose set ups in the A3 and this kit will really bring your music to life. By adding the digital sound processor with 8 channels and a perfectly designed sub woofer which is made and engineered to fit in the original sub woofer location. The speakers are replacement fronts which consists of a mid range and high covering the main problems most vehicles suffer with poor performing woofers your music doesn’t sound nothing like it would do on a highly tweaked audio set up.

The original rear speakers remain the same and are not removed from the vehicle, but the digital sound processor will fine tune the rear speakers and amp them correctly to get the very best performance. The kit causes no damage to your vehicle and can always be removed without trace, this is the perfect performance upgrade for your Audi A3.