Need a Car Alarm fitted in Lincolnshire? We provide a fully mobile installation service throughout Lincolnshire giving you the very best vehicle security. We are fully Thatcham approved and provide a full insurance approved certificate on completion. We provide car alarms and immobilisers from Cobra, Clifford, Toad, Sigma and Laserline. With our high installation standards you can be assured you will get an installation that is extremely neat and tidy along with the very best connections made by solder and heatshrink. We offer long warranty periods on all our security systems to give you complete piece of mind.

We install Basic Car Alarms, Thatcham Cat 1 systems, Thatcham Cat 2 systems, and the very latest can bus systems which are designed for the latest type of vehicles made after 2006 these systems can also work with the original vehicles remote fob giving you a sleek installation. With a Thatcham alarm installation it needs to be fitted to a very high standard to make sure your vehicle is protected year after year. TRI approval is the latest standard set to make sure installations are safe and effective which is why you have an alarm installed.

Below I have listed the specifications of each approval type.

Thatcham Cat 1: This is a complete kit which includes a Car Alarm and a twin circuit Immobiliser. The main reason these systems are so secure is they have black wiring as standard making it difficult for any vehicle thief to attempt bypassing the system. The main siren also has a small rechargeable battery meaning if the wiring to cut to the siren it will keep sounding for a very long time in an attack. These systems when armed monitor the doors, boot, bonnet along with the vehicles interior. They can be linked in to control the car or vans central door locking if it’s compatible with the alarm system. The sounds at 120db for the length of 30 seconds.

Thatcham Cat 2: This is a twin circuit Immobiliser only and doesn’t make any sound in the event of attack. This type of system is disarmed by a touch key and this then allows you to simple start the vehicle. Once the vehicles ignition is turned off the immobiliser self arm’s after 30 seconds.

Thatcham Cat 2>1: This alarm should only be fitted to vehicles that are made after 1996 that have an immobiliser system already installed from the factory. This system doesn’t add any type of immobiliser to the vehicle it features a battery back up siren and it normally works off the original vehicles remote key. The siren on these systems is normally 120db @ 1 meter.

Basic Alarm: This system is simple it protects doors, boot, bonnet and the vehicles interior either by ultrasonic sensors or by a shock sensor. These can control central door locking if the vehicle is compatible. The sirens on these systems range from 115 -120db.


We offer Car Alarm fitting in all local Lincolnshire areas such as Mablethorpe, Louth, Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Lincoln, Market Rasen, Scunthorpe, Immingham