Ford Focus RS Viper Alarm Fitting Lincolnshire

If you own an RS Focus you will more than likely know they are going missing due to high end thieves targetting these vehicles. Due to the very short run Ford have done and it can take months to get your hands on one customers are protecting there vehicles before it’s to late.

On this Focus RS the customer wasn’t taking any chances and wanted the Viper 2 way system with additional dual zone proximity to warn people away if they get to close to your vehicle. We also fitted our ultra secure OBD port immobiliser […]

Remapping Lincolnshire

A question we normally get asked… Do you offer remapping or engine tuning, we have never got involved with remapping due to the problems it can cause with a vehicle with regards to warranties and software update by main dealers causing the remap to get overwriten.

We offer a slightly different product, it still allows your vehicle to be remapped but using a different method. The method we recommend is the petrol and diesel tuning modules by DTE these are made and engineered in Germany. These are not a simple 50p resistor in order to […]

Insurance Approved Tracker?


Insurance have asked for a Thatcham approved Tracker? But you are unsure what you require to make your insurance company happy…

The first question you need to ask your vehicle insurer..

  • Does your policy require a Thatcham Cat 5 ?
  • Does your policy require a Thatcham Cat 6?

That is the only question you need to ask, we will talk / guide you through the rest. A Thatcham Cat 6 tracker is the most common and this is designed for vehicles up to the […]

Vauxhall Insignia Handsfree Fitted Louth


This week DB Vehicle Electrics installed a Parrot CK3100 LCD into a Vauxhall Insignia. The Vauxhall is a great vehicle but sadly most of these lack a good Bluetooth handsfree system. We can professionally install the parrot with no issues into this vehicle. We use a special GM plug harness called an SOT lead which allows us to connect into the original audio system without any cable cutting or modifaction. When a call comes in or is made the radio will mute and the callers voice will then transfer through the vehicles speakers.

We are […]

VW Caddy Rear Deadlocks Fitted Grimsby


The VW Caddy is a common van for the electrical and plumbing trade. As such these vehicles are a target for thieves and even though there is a flashing red light on the drivers door it doesn’t mean the vehicle is protected by an alarm. This means it is very easy for a thief to pry the rear or sliding door open and no noise will be heard. We installed a set of sliding and rear barn door deadlocks to make the vehicle very secure in the event of an attack.

We use the […]

VW Transporter Clifford Alarm


The VW Transporter T5 is an easy target for thieves. We installed a Thatcham Approved Cat 2>1 upgrade Can-Bus alarm to this VW T5 in Grimsby, Lincolnshire. The Clifford works well by arming and disarming from the original VW remote control meaning you don’t have any extra keyfobs or remote controls you have to carry.

Due to the alarm being Can-Bus it doesn’t change the way any of the electronics and how they work within the vehicle. Being fully Clifford and Viper Approved we can install any directed electronics product. This alarm fitted on the vehicle […]

Cobra Parking Sensors Lincoln


DB Vehicle Electrics was out this week installing the very high quality Cobra 22mm sensors. These look very flush to the body work due to them being an ultra low profile sensor unlike other kits on the market. This kit made by Cobra is a mix of high quality and good looks. Another bonus is they are not as expensive as a flush mount Cobra kit. These sensors were professionally sprayed and installed in the Lincoln town centre area.

The customer wanted the sensors matched to the vehicles body colour, my personal view is they look just as good […]

Parrot Handsfree Fitting Lincoln


DB Vehicle Electrics fitted a high end Parrot handsfree system into this excellent condition BMW 1 Series. The customer wanted a handsfree bluetooth sollution which was cheaper than BMWs cost of £1500. And as always we delivered, We fitted the Parrot mki9200 which offered a lot more than the standard BMW bluetooth, such as music streaming via bluetooth, USB, SD Card and an AUX connector.

This puts the Parrot in a better and much more cost effective position, it offers very clear bluetooth handsfree calling with the ability of viewing your phone book at the touch of a button. […]

Toyota Cobra Alarm Removal Skegness

Toyota Cobra Alarm Removal Skegness

This Toyota left the customer with a vehicle not starting at all. With a very old Cobra alarm system which was well over 15 years old and the immobiliser unit simply failed. With Cobra being one of the most reliable alarms on the market you can be assured of many years hassle free service life. When car alarms go past the 10 year period you are simply in the unknown as to when the alarm will give up.

Immobiliser relays which are internal within the alarms ECU have a certain service life due to the […]

Porsche Handsfree Louth

Porsche Handsfree Louth

DB Vehicle Electrics installed the most popular Parrot CK3100 into an excellent condition Porsche in the Louth area. This gived the customer handsfree bluetooth calling while on the move and we fitted the display just to the left of the steering wheel trims. This means the kit is sleek and hidden out the way,

We used the original Porsche phone inputs meaning the audio worked though the original vehicles speakers and the volume was adjustable via the Parrot and the original Porsche radio. The installation was very neat and you didn’t see any cable and no holes where made during the fitting, […]

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